We all know that the tools of the trade are always needed by truckers. Whether it is a chainsaw, an air compressor, a tool belt, or other equipment, they all need to be carried. Therefore, a trucker needs a large selection of high quality tools that can make their jobs easier and save them time. A tool box will never be enough. This is where the leather work gloves come in. The right combination of a quality tool set and leather protectors is an excellent gift for truckers.

Most truckers have a small GPS/RFID navigation device attached to the dashboard. Many also have an electric blanket or a heat generating blanket. Both of these items can be removed and taken on board, leaving the driver with a portable navigational aid and a heater to keep them warm on long journeys. A truck driver cannot be without his or her GPS /RFID navigational device at all times. This is where the leather work gloves come in.

Most truckers have a small radio/CD player along with a handful of CDs. For those passengers who spend a lot of time in their truck listening to music, the portable music player may not be a big deal. However, truckers love their CB radios and love to listen to them while driving. In addition, truckers like having their favorite music on their portable media player while driving. Therefore, the perfect gift combination for a truck driver is a pair of polarized sunglasses with a pair of waterproof and flexible earbuds.

Some truckers need to check their tires and the best way to do this is to use a tire pressure monitor system. These are small devices that attach to the tire of a truck driver and alert him or her when the tires are under pressure. If a tire is under pressure it will warn the driver immediately. This device is perfect for truckers as they can easily check their tires without having to get out of the cab.

Another essential tool for truckers is a pair of waterproof and adjustable thermal blankets. Both of these accessories can double as sleeping gear. The waterproof blanket can keep a trucker warm during cold nights. These blankets act as an extra bed for the truckers so they can sleep undisturbed. Likewise, the adjustable thermal blanket can keep truckers cool during extremely hot nights. These blankets act as a large sheet draped over the cab and protecting the body from the elements.

Of course, one must not forget the most important tool for truckers, the CB radio. CB radios are a must have accessory for truckers. For one, long trips require constant communication between the truck driver and the driver of the next truck. Therefore, the two radios help them communicate about the route, weather and other important information. A trucker can also listen to his favorite trucker shows on the CB radio during long travels.

The truckers can be made comfortable and enjoy themselves during long travel by purchasing toiletry bags and shaving kits. The shaving kits and toiletry bags make the truck drivers feel really comfortable and at ease. These toiletry bags and shaving kits are made up of high quality leather products. They are also waterproof so the truckers can take their necessities with them in the cab.

Lastly, the truckers can make the most of their free time by adding up a few road maps and portable GPS systems. These GPS systems can help truck drivers get directions at any point of their journey. A road atlas can make the truckers get directions at every point of their journey. Moreover, the portable GPS system can also guide them at each point of the journey. These GPS gadgets are designed with latest technology so they are perfect gifts for truckers.